Punk'd Passion No.3 Mural

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    Our Punk'd Passion No.3 mural depicting the ardour of Calypso with Odysseus takes on a dramatic, artistic transformation; this classical painting is given an über contemporary treatment, overprinted, offset and completely punked up. Calypso, pierced and powerful seduces Odysseus. He's zhooshed up in aviators and earrings and completely yields to her power and beauty while a tattooed cherub fans the flames of amour.

    Multiple layers and patterned overlays are built up with silk screened offset style effects combined with a dramatic re-colouring. Cobalt and cyan meld with hot spots of dazzling scarlet against a deep rust and blue background. This will get your wall noticed!

    This design is supplied as a mural, configured to your exact wall dimensions.


    Colliss & Quinton.


    • design re-worked to your wall size
    • custom printed
    • supplied in panel widths (approx. 60cm wide)
    • super-rich colour print
    • luxurious textured finish
    • straight edge to edge match
    • surface wipeable
    • paste the wall.

    Please note: your mural will be supplied to your exact dimensions. We recommend you add at least 8cm to the over-all size to allow for irregularities in your walls.

    We will email a pdf design proof showing the mural resized to your dimensions for approval before print production.


    This mural is custom printed to order for you and will be delivered within 10 working days.

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