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Colliss & Quinton, established by Mandy Colliss and David Quinton, is a creative interior design studio and home accessory company based in Oxfordshire. We truly believe thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed interiors can transform your home or working environment for the better; its ability to heighten your feelings of contentment, improve the quality and use of space and enhance your lifestyle. Over the years, our clients have trusted us to deliver dramatic and distinctive interior transformations, exceeding their expectations, leaving them returning for more.

We have over 30 years experience in the design industry and have continued developing our distinctive style, building on our knowledge and enhancing our skills. Our expertise is in interior and spacial design, graphics, 3D design and brand development. We have built a reputation for the very highest quality work infused with drama and touches of humour, and always combined with the greatest attention to detail.

Our portfolio of completed works covers a wide range of commercial, leisure and domestic projects, from single rooms to entire homes, for colleges, offices, hotels and retailers; we offer everything from advice on decor, site specific furniture design, to complete ‘before and after’ managed transformations.

The best interior design comes from having a great relationship with our client, working together to deliver captivating interiors that always elevate and complement peoples' lives. We've been very fortunate to not just be considered 'designers' to many of our clients, but friends too. This is born from earned trust and respect, having real passion for what we do and not compromising on the detail, and always having our clients' best interests at heart. We love to make beautiful, quirky and individual living spaces for extraordinary people.

Colliss & Quinton Interior Collection

And along the way, we developed our own wallpaper collections, furniture designs and interior accessories with a distinctive style; whether bold with an 'in your face' vibe or elegantly subtle, there will always be something to enchant. We use classical references and historical imagery mixed with contemporary styling. We want our designs to have intrigue, humour and be absolutely exquisite. The foundations of Colliss & Quinton lie in the emphasis on originality of design and quality of product.

We just don't do 'one size fits all' here...

Mandy regularly writes interior columns in newspapers and magazines and their projects have been featured on TV's Grand Designs, Home For Life and in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Elle Decoration, Living Etc. and a host of tabloids and media.