Posted on May 7, 2020
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Now selling eco, high pigment paint

we're teaming up with norfolk's finest, fenwick & Tilbrook

We're all about colour. We absolutely love colour - whether its deep and dark or positively popping, both work in tandem, and both strike very different chords. Playing with colour is the perfect way to attract attention to walls or highlight what's on them.

In our search for spectacular colours for a recent project, we were introduced to Norfolk's Fenwick & Tilbrook. And now we've teamed up with them. Manufacturers of premium, high pigment based paints, the colour palette is exquisite, as is the exceptional quality. Eco, water-based, breathable and made to order, they are unsurpassed in the wonderful the world of colour.

And when the going gets tough, the tough get painting! What better way to get creative and filled with positivity in the midst of a lockdown. Seeing joyous colour going onto walls is good for the soul. Instantly uplifting, gets you dancing with happiness and makes for a harmonious home.

Check out the colour edit in our shop - more coming very soon.