Colliss & Quinton

Interior design and decoration had long been our passion before establishing our interior design service and furnishing company.

Our Approach to Interior Design

We noticed that many of our clients, whether domestic, commercial, in hospitality or eduction, came to us after struggling with improving the look and functionality of their homes, work spaces, classrooms and so on. So we developed a first principles approach to not only understanding our clients aesthetic requirements but to get to the nitty-gritty of how they use space. Without addressing flow and function first, the design will be a failure. Everyones living environment should be beautiful, relaxed and look effortless; it should work with them rather than against them. It is the little details the makes life interesting, and we like to tell a ‘visual' story. Reinstating a long forgotten heirloom put back into pride of place or adding some quirky historical decoration to a wallpaper design, there are always surprising and humorous elements we look out for and implement. Over the years our clients have trusted us to deliver dramatic and distinctive interior transformations that improve and add to their lives, leaving them returning for more.

Creating Our Own Interior Product Ranges

Along the way, we developed our own wallpaper collections, furniture designs and interior accessories with a distinctive style; whether bold with an 'in your face' vibe or elegantly subtle, there will always be something to enchant. We use classical references and historical imagery mixed with contemporary styling. We want our designs to have intrigue, humour and be thought provoking. The foundations of Colliss & Quinton lie in the emphasis on originality of design and quality of product.

To compliment to our collection, we searched out products from designers that match our aesthetic and, like us, believe in offering outstanding design with second to none quality.

And Now

Our products and services have been used worldwide in hotels, restaurants, cafés, retail establishments and private homes and we have featured internationally in the press, magazines, and on television.

Founders: Colliss & Quinton; Mandy Colliss and David Quinton.

C&Q HQ Oxfordshire.

"I LOVE what we do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing the change, the transformation, whether it's a piece of our art on a wall or a completely renovated property.  It's the highest of highs!"

Mandy Colliss


Colliss & Quinton is renowned for designing beautiful, eclectic and personal living spaces for extraordinary individuals. We offer a range of inventive home accessories infused with eclectic historical and modern motifs and our interior design clients, whether private or commercial, trust us to deliver dramatic and quirky interiors that always improve and delight peoples lives. We just don’t do ‘one size fits all’  here.