Bentley Opticians


Bentley Opticians had not been touched since 1976, and we transformed the practice into a sleek and streamlined boutique establishment fit for 21st Century client experience. A sea of 70's brown panelling and carpet gave way to light and airy interior decor along with our designs for a new company logo, shopfront and bespoke artworks.


The reception desk and linking prescription table is placed centrally to allow clients 360˚ unimpeded access around the practice.

Vermeer and Da Vinci's masterpieces are given a humorous twist with fabulous Versace and Ray Ban shades.

Deep, inky blue and brass work fits  beautifully with the red brick of the building and project the practice onto the high street.

Walnut countertops, elegant turned table legs, old gold upholstered chairs and limed oak flooring meld with earthy grey painted cabinetry.

The practice looks light and airy by day, and warm and inviting by night.

Blue and brass accents on the new frontage invite clients into the practice to receive a warm welcome within.

The Consultation Room was kept light and open. White units blend into white walls to keep the feeling of space.


"Colliss and Quinton came highly recommended to us by friends that had also recently used them. My husband had met with a few different "Optical shop outfitters" but when he first met designers Mandy and David he knew he wanted to go with them. I felt exactly the same when meeting them. They did not fail to deliver. Our practice is one of the best I've seen and that's all thanks to Mandy and David. I'd definitely use them again in the future and encourage others to do so too."

Jas and Tan Chaggar, Bentley Opticians