Audley Travel, head office


Our first project with Audley Travel who specialise in creating exceptional tailor made luxury travel for discerning clients. Our brief was to design the Reception and three Consultation Rooms at their Head Office in a 17th century converted wool mill in rural Oxfordshire. Pattern and iconic imagery were key to forming a backdrop to captivating prospective clients alongside a blend of high end and industrial furnishings reflecting the history of the building.

With a wealth of photography to select from, we were captivated by the image of these novice monks, using them as the focus for one of the client Consultation Rooms.

We wanted to convey the outstanding holidays Audley organise with a wall of images taken by staff to line the corridor walls. This authenticates Audley's first hand, personal touch designed to give a flavour of travels to come.

The slate flooring inspired the colour palette with steel and wood harking back its industrial roots as a wool mill.

Our patternwork featuring native tribal designs from around the world form a decorative backdrop to wallcoverings and glass panels.

Maasai Mara men in all their colourful glory, performing traditional jumping.

Arresting imagery, humour and colour looking resplendent set against backdrops with our native patternwork.

A marriage of sleek and industrial mixed with bold accents of colour in one of the Audley staff kitchens.