Her Hidden Face-Framed Art


    Giving traditional portraiture a modern twist, Her Hidden Face shows a genteel lady largely obscured by a block of blue printed onto the canvas. Looking out at us with a quiet, elegant gracefulness, the expanse of blue masks her. What is she hiding? Why is she concealed? And is she aware of the moth nestling in her hair, adornment-like?

    This artwork is a response to our fascination of the way human beings hide behind facades and guises to conceal elements of their physical appearance.

    Beautifully printed onto highest quality artists canvas, the artwork is hand varnished and mounted in a circular black metal frame.


    Colliss & Quinton.


    • exquisitely framed and finished ready for you to hang
    • beautifully printed on high quality artists canvas
    • hand varnished
    • artwork framed in black circular metal frame
    • two size options available.

    Her Hidden Face is shown on "Floramentation Cerulean Blue" Wallpaper in by Colliss & Quinton.


    This art is made to order for you and will be delivered within 10 working days.

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