country cottage


An ever evolving mix of classic, contemporary, eclectic, mid century and rocking 60's furniture juxtapose in this classic stone built cottage set in rural idyll. Having been 'modernised' to within an inch of the 1980's, we reinstated the character to reveal previously bricked up inglenooks, hardboard clad stone walls and oak beams and reappointed the main staircase. Artworks by American artists Rex Ray and John Singleton Copley combine with wallcoverings and designs by the creative family.

The magnificent inglenook was once bricked up with a 3 bar electric heater embedded into the wall and flocked wallpaper over flimsy hardboard dry lining!

A hand made cabinet with foxed mirrors conceals the TV from dominating the space.

Nooks and nitches are used to display oversized vases and quirky pieces.

A Tulip table, Series 7 chairs and Splügen Bräu pendant add an eclectic vibe set against a random stone wall.

A monochromatic palette with textural linen and faux fur sits comfortably with traditional oak framework.

Shelley's evocative poem inspired the graphic wallcovering in the bathroom.


"The house breathed to a new life once we had uncovered all the previously concealed character. The design is neither static or finished in our home. As designers, we are always trying out new ideas and so it ever evolves"

Mandy Colliss