Audley Travel, 3rd FLOOR


After successfully designing the Audley Travel Head Office Reception and Consultation Rooms, we were commissioned to consult on the refurbishment of their 3rd floor London office and design wallcoverings and visual decoration. Located in The Big Yellow Building on London's Westway, it comprises concrete, glass and yellow paint throughout; our palette celebrates and accentuates those colours and materials.

A section of a mural sign posting the three Audley Travel office locations.

The Palin Wing, dedicated to our beloved intrepid Python globetrotter, is home to a snug and chill out zone.

The dining space features plank style wallcoverings and sawn wood flooring. Elegant pendants add an element of glamour.

This is a very relaxed multi-use space.

A palette of yellow and grey picks up on the fabric of the building with walls of blue zoning areas.

Bright accents of colour feature in the murals and pictures, all highlighting elements of travel.

Pale grey flooring reflects light and is the perfect foil for hot spots of colour.

Our mural wallcoverings are used throughout the offices. Layers of pattern, characterful people and iconic elements of imagery were overlaid and built up to create these designs.


"Quote to follow."

Audley Travel